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Speed Control of DC Motor with ARDUINO + Encoder and L298 DC motor Driver Shield

Arduino Uno and Single Axis TB6560 Step Motor Control

27 February 2015 3 comments

The Step motor and arduino step driver setup

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Multiple BH1750 on i2c bus Digital Light Sensor + Arduino (16xBH1750)


This project was made with the collobaration of my brother who is proffessor at the faclty of architecture at Selcuk University Konya Turkey. He asked me

for a system which could  measure  light intensity in 16 different points in a house. And then I started to  make search and decided to do the job with

  • Arduino mega.
  • We purchased 20 pcs BH1750 light sensors from eBay at a very good prices.

– Two pieces CD74HC4067 Analog/Digital MUX Breakout 

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FUTABA S3010 Sevo Control with ARDUINO

18 December 2013 Leave a comment


Servo FUTABAservo; //Servo Objesi oluştutulur

void setup()
 FUTABAservo.attach(9); // Servonun sinyali Arduinoda 9 nolu pine bağlanır

void loop()
 FUTABAservo.write(0); // 0 derece ye git
 delay(2000); // 2 saniye bekle
 FUTABAservo.write(90); // 90 dereceye git
 delay(1000); // 1 saniye bekle
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LDR Sensor with ARDUINO

17 December 2013 Leave a comment
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