Arduino Uno and Single Axis TB6560 Step Motor Control

The Step motor and arduino step driver setup

Single3 axis stepper driver bought on bay

A very cool stepper motor from Oriental Motor

Bipolar stepper motor from oriental motor.

Cable Annotation

A+ Black

A- Green

B+ Red

B- Blue

White and yellow are center tap cables discarded in this configuration

Stepper driver configuration

The stepper driver power:+12V

running current 3 A

microstep  1:1

const int STEP_PIN = 13;
const int Enable_PIN = 3;
const int DIR_PIN = 2;
void setup()
   pinMode(STEP_PIN, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(Enable_PIN, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(DIR_PIN, OUTPUT);
   digitalWrite(STEP_PIN, LOW);
   digitalWrite(Enable_PIN, HIGH); //When device turned on,
                                   //stepper is off
   digitalWrite(DIR_PIN, HIGH);


void loop()
         digitalWrite(Enable_PIN, LOW);
         digitalWrite(DIR_PIN, HIGH);
         int b=2500;
 int a=10000;
   for (int i=0; i < 60000; i++)
//        a=a-2;
        if (a<=b) a=b;
        else a=a-10;
        digitalWrite(STEP_PIN, HIGH);
         digitalWrite(STEP_PIN, LOW);



3 thoughts on “Arduino Uno and Single Axis TB6560 Step Motor Control”

  1. Hello, i try to control stepping motor and i confused the relation between arduino and motor driver line(how to connect). Would you give me a tip ?

  2. Sir,
    We are building a machine which need a small stepper motor controle. We need to controle stepper motor using joystick and potentiometer by interfacing with arduino.
    We plan to use 10 kg-cm torque motor(3A) 12v.
    TB6560 driver joystick and potentiometer.
    We need to rotate motor in two direction and adjust the speed via potentiometer. Can you please help us to do the connection and program the arduino.We dont have much time.

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