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BH1750 on i2c bus Digital Light Sensor + PIC18F with CCS PIC C

Stepper Motor Control using CNC Handle Dial with ARDUINO

16 March 2015 2 comments
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Nokia 5110 LCD with Arduino

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Aduino Stepper Motor Acceleration and Rotary Encoder Control

09 March 2015 5 comments
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Arduino Uno and Single Axis TB6560 Step Motor Control

27 February 2015 3 comments

The Step motor and arduino step driver setup

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3D Picture from Video

25 February 2015 Leave a comment

What you will need

The free Z-anaglyph software

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Old days Harddisk

This harddisk was made in 1988 and has a capacity of 20MB, you may just store a few  pictures today.

This harddisk has a step motor to drive the heads which in modern HDs have electromagnetic coil magnet driver.

I like very much these kind of piece of art.


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Happy New Year

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Mersenne Prime Search GIMPS

23 December 2014 Leave a comment


I just participated to the Great Internet Mersenne Prime search

hope I will find the greatest prime number:)

Please join my GIMPS prime Team CEMELAB

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Science Center Visit Konya/Turkey

I would advise everybody to visit this nice science center.

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